The 7 Indian Institutes of Technology in India epitomize the quality of education, talent and global impact of Indian community across the world. As a few examples 60% of all start up companies in Silicon Valley are estimated to have at least one IIT alumni in its ranks of founders or CEOs, the Times Higher Education Supplement 2005 ranked IITs as 3rd best technology universities in the world and IITs are the only foreign university honored by a US Congress Resolution. Among a long list of distinguished alumni are Arun Netravali (Former President, Bell Labs), Gururaj "Desh" Deshpande (Founder and Chairman, Sycamore Networks, Inc.), Vinod Khosla (Founding Chief Executive Officer of Sun Microsystems), Rajat Gupta (ex-Managing Director-Worldwide, McKinsey), Victor J. Menezes (ex-Senior Vice Chairman of Citigroup), Arun Sarin (CEO, Vodafone), Arjun Malhotra (CEO Headstrong, Co-Founder HCL), Raghuram Rajan (Economic Counselor & Director Research, IMF), Narayana Murthy (Founding CEO, Infosys) etc. IITians also command senior positions in India from business, academics to governance.

IIT graduates represent a stunning variety of human endeavor, which combined with our powerful partners on this conference, you can expect a link or window to any position of decision making in the world. Join us and don't miss this unique opportunity.

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An interview of Rajat Gupta on TV



An interview of Umang Gupta, in his capacity as the Chairman of PanIIT USA, appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle.



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IIT London Chapter



Speeches of Hillary Clinton, Jeff Immelt, Arun Sareen, Rajat Gupta and others on Pan IIT 2007 Conference in Santa Clara



Past IIT Alumni Conferences
Pan IIT 2007 Conference, Santa Clara, with Hillary Clinton, Jeff Immelt (CEO GE), Arun Sarin (CEO Vodafone), Rajat Gupta (ex CEO McKinsey Worldwide) and Bob Dynes (President, California Group of Universities).


Pan IIT 2006 Conference, Mumbai, with the President of India.


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